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I AM Calm Kids

Kids Silicone Art Mat

Kids Silicone Art Mat

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Are you tired of your little ones making a mess while enjoying creative play? Looking for an all in one solution??

Look no further as the I AM Calm Kids art mat is the perfect crafts companion! With a number of on trend colours exclusive to I AM Calm Kids. Unleash unlimited creativity with our versatile silicone art mat! 🎨💦✨

Not only is it perfect for painting masterpieces with a cup holder for brush cleaning and dividers for all the colors of the rainbow 🌈 it’s also ideal for slime, playdoh and any other craft activities. Let the little ones have a blast exploring different textures while keeping the mess contained on this magical mat! 🖌️💫

Plus, the rulered edge adds precision and artistic flair to their every creation! 📏💥 Get ready for endless hours of colourful, sensory fun they’re sure to love 🙌🎉✨
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